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Our Core Values

  • Teaching the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ
  • Serving the total needs of Women and Children and Families
  • Preparing Women with Children and Families to be able to return to societal living
  • Strengthening the ties with evangelical churches and giving them an opportunity to reach out to the homeless and abused on an ongoing basis through the Ministries's services.
  • Empowering homeless individuals to self-improvement, betterment and work-sustaining skills
  • Enabling a cross-section of homeless individuals and families to recover, rehabilitate, and restore
  • Providing spiritual education and moral development to make a person whole
  • Training graduates who can competently compete for work in and around the communities of Smith County
  • Caring for the community by helping the homeless re-enter society.

The Forming of Our Vision

In 1997 when I discovered I could really help distraught women in situations of distress, disillusionment, and worse, I formalized this rescue ministry into a program called Kathryn's House. We immediately saw a significant difference in each of the lives of women entrusted into our care.

Women were changed, confidence took root, education helped enhance, and life skills enabled each one of our guests to improve and become self-sufficient.
Each one believed they could make it. And, did so! Yes, miracles.

Within two years we expanded our capacity to help more and more women. It worked!

We found the ministry was full year-round. Now in 2010, with ever-increasing needs in Tyler and Smith County, even throughout Northeast Texas, we bring this request to you after careful consideration of those close to this ministry, Kathryn's House, and its parent, Tyler Rescue Ministries.

We believe our best and most fruitful option is to establish a greater presence in Smith County and the rest of Northeast Texas to meet the increasing incidences of homelessness. And now, the cry we hear from both the secular and the spiritual communities is that more and more "intact families" are becoming homeless every day.

Our strategy to reach out and meet these specific needs is to:

  • Increase capacity in existing facilities to shelter and serve more women, and more women with children
  • Provide breakthrough services and programs for Intact Families, the new dilemna in East Texas
  • Expand shelter, services and industrial training for Men (modeled on Kathryn's House)

Our programs emphasize recovery with a 12-step Christian-based rehabilitation. Further, we feature specialized training and education programs to prepare men for work in a variety of trades.

Thank you for your interest in helping us rescue individuals and families, change lives, and better our communities. Your prayers, your personal involvement, and your sacrificial gifts enable us to move forward on these vitally important community endeavors throughout Smith County and surrounding communities.

Please join us.

Rev. Maurice Barnes
President & CEO

Board Members
Dr Ron Wells, Ministry Advisor
Alan Staggs
Bobby Garmon
Martha Moreland

Tyler Rescue Ministries    Tyler, Texas     (903) 877-9252